None of it would have happened if not for the support of this man behind the scenes, the Incandescant Shade Vegas.

Dutch's stage manager, confidante, best friend and bookie,

Shade has seen Falconi through the best of time and the worst.

When I asked Shade for his history, I think he had had one Scotch too many, and out came this rambling, torrid tale, which your webspinner can only barely remember to write (I was drinking Zima, myself).

This is the TRUE story of Shade Vegas.

In 1954 a certain casino owner
( who will remain nameless)

found a sleeping little baby in the lobby of his casino
with a note and about $50 in chips.

The note said something like this:

"You took our life savings
and now you must provide for
our little Demetrius."

The club owner decided to take in
the little one but change his name to Shade
in case the parents came looking for him.

Shade got pretty good dealing blackjack and other card
games because his father had him working in the casino after school.

On Shade's 18th birthday
his father told him the truth
about his real parents.

So the next day he packed his bags
and went searching for his birth parents.

He had no luck.

Until one day he discovered the where abouts of his mother.

Shade hopped on a south bound
and came to a sleepy little town
outside of Sante Fe.

The address he had, only lead him to a grave marked:

Dorris Falconetti.

Shade had no other leads until one day he had a lay over in Sacramento
on his way up to Reno to visit his pops new resort.

Shade saw a flyer
on a pole
that said

Dutch Falconi Tonight!!

Shade knew that there was a connection.

Shade met up with Dutch and only
thing Dutch could tell him is
that he once heard of Demetrius
but never had met him.

Well Dutch and Shade sat
and talked awhile
and came to the conclusion
that Shade was Dutch's uncle,
Luigi's long lost kid.

Shade wanted to know where he was,

Dutch could only tell him
that his father had died a tragic death
on a high wire act
during his circus day's with the familia.







That's Shade's version of the story.

He threatened to tell everyone
how I liked to dress in women's clothes
unless I printed this obvious Fabrication.

If you want the real story,

click here.